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WiFi auto-connect switch

2.52 usd

WiFi auto-connect switch, you can automatically connect to Wi-Fi, which had been registered in the home or office!If become a outside the range of Wi-Fi is a handy application that will turn off the setting of terminal side automatically.Without touching the smartphone, will be connected automatically by switching the ON / OFF!★ By turning ON the connection only when needed, you can expect the following effects. ★1. to minimize the consumption of the battery, you can save.2. to minimize the packet communication amount, you will be able to save.3. Because reduce the packet traffic, you can be even cheaper packet fee.4. no longer be connected to the radio wave weak public Wi-Fi.
You can use this app, you do not have to make a mistake that your 'Smart-phone Life' become more comfortable!
◎ Function 1: I will switch to ON automatically the Wi-Fi network.It does not in ON only in places where the user exists Wi-Fi network that was registered!Wireless network you want to connect the user is free to register.
◎ Function 2: This App can register multiple Wi-Fi network.Because the Wi-Fi network you want to connect automatically You can have more than one registration, it is possible to set both the home and the office!
◎ Function 3: ON/OFF change of quick Wi-Fi.location information is also remembers, is done to switch immediately by simply approaching the point at which you have registered a Wi-Fi network!
◎ Function 4: Schedule functionSet the operation time, it is possible to disable the operation of the app!
Simplest use is here! !